Programs for Educational Opportunity

The Programs for Educational Opportunities are currently inactive.

Math & Science



Family Math, Family Science, and
Playtime is Science

Bringing together teachers, parents, and children
for race, gender, and national origin equity
in mathematics and science education

The Programs for Educational Opportunity staff is  very pleased to offer professional development for prospective leaders of Family Math, Family Science, Playtime is Science, and Middle School Family Math classes. These model programs are nationally recognized for their excellence in mathematics and science education, their ability to involve hard-to-reach parents, and their focus on providing educational opportunities for children from cultural groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the skilled scientific workforce. Workshops are held in cooperating school districts.

These models incorporate hands-on activities which foster a cooperative learning environment for families to approach math and science as an enjoyable, everyday event in which anyone can participate. Our Leadership Workshops help teachers and school staff to facilitate family classes in their own communities. These classes not only provide valuable tools to both students and parents; they can also be a means of building a partnership between parents and schools. Such a partnership can broaden the school community, creating a desirable climate which provides the best educational experiences for all children. When teachers and parents work together, children become far more successful learners. Parent involvement has been shown to be a cornerstone of quality education.

Please follow the underlined links below for more information about each model:

Family Math, Middle School Family Math, and Family Math for Young Children information is available at:

EQUALS Programs
Lawrence Hall of Science
University of California
Berkeley CA 94720-5200
Phone: (510) 642-1823
Fax: (510) 643-5757

Family Science information is available at:
Foundation for Family Science
4614 SW Kelly Avenue, Suite 100
Portland, Oregon 97239
Telephone: (503) 245-2102
Fax: (503) 245-2628
For more information, please contact Linda Colón at 212-367-4572 or

Playtime Is Science information is available at:
The Educational Equity Center at
The Academy for Educational Development
100 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor | New York, NY 10011
(212) 243-1110 | Fax (212) 627-0407

Great Lakes Girls Collaborative Project

PEO is facilitating the expansion of the National Girls Collaborative Project in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
The NSF-funded project promotes the expanded participation and interest for girls in STEM courses and careers. In each of the participating states, The Collaborative is working to identify and network all (large and small) programs working to interest and support more girls in STEM study and careers. It will strive to build collaboration between organizations, institutions and businesses committed to expanding participation of women in STEM. Like the National Girls Collaborative Project, the state projects are structured to bring organizations together to share information, needs and resources, and to work strategically to expand STEM-related opportunities for girls. (Any  program or project that involves girls is welcome; they need not be  ’girls-only programs’.)

Participation in the network is free. Once organizations or groups
register on the website, they will be eligible to apply for
mini-grants later this school year to help support their programs.

There is more information at:
and, at the National GCP website:
The Ohio Girls Collaborative is currently accepting mini-grant proposals for projects that support and expand the participation of girls and young women in STEM activities and careers. Mini-grant projects must relate to either informal learning or evaluation and assessment. Mini-grants are a small amount of seed funding and are not intended to fully fund entire projects. The deadline for applications is March 14th, 2011. The maximum mini-grant award is $1000. Projects must begin April 15, 2011 (or later) and be completed by August 31, 2011 to be eligible.These mini-grants are designed to build collaboration between existing programs and organizations in order to support girls in their pursuit of STEM-related educational programs and careers. Registration at the program directory is required of applying programs; registration is free. Visit: the National Girls Collaborative Project website for details, to Register a Program and to apply for a mini-grant